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The No Brand Heroes – The Road So Far

Our beloved mascots, discount superhero team the No Brand Heroes, will return at this year’s convention. To make sure you’re up to date on their exploits (and who they are), we’ve put together this brief, two minute video to catch you up on the important points!

No Brand Con Presents “The Quest” Part Three

The No Brand Heroes continue on their quest to find the missing Duct Tape Boy. Hoping that Cardboard Commando might know of his whereabouts, the Gardening Ninja, Magical Girl Girl, Greenboy, and (apparently) Yarn have arrived at his last known location.

Things… things don’t go well.

(If you haven’t watched Part One or Part Two, you should do that first)

From the Archives – And the Rest of the No Brand Heroes

We’ve gone through quite a few members of the No Brand Heroes in this series, but honestly the team has a very deep bench. Doing write ups on every single one of them would take forever. So, to keep this from getting unwieldy, in this article, we’re going to cover the heroes who aren’t Duct Tape Boy, Greenboy, the Gardening Ninja, or Magical Girl Girl.

Some of these heroes have played vital, main roles over the years, while others have only played minor parts. But each and every single one of them is a full fledged member of the No Brand Heroes.

Well, except the couple who aren’t. Continue reading From the Archives – And the Rest of the No Brand Heroes