As is the case with every convention, we are inviting you to help make the con a more enjoyable experience for everyone through the presentation of fan-run panels. Here are the procedures for submitting your panel idea, as well as some tips to help you run the best panel you can run.


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  • When submitting your panel, take into consideration your panel’s content. We are a family-friendly con, so use your best discretion when giving your panel a rating. Don’t expect for it to be placed in an 18+ time slot solely because you can’t keep your language under control. Any panels that are explicitly adult (i.e., hentai panels) must be censored and may only be shown in an 18+ Panel room.
  • We will be providing a projector, screen, and audio/video cables if you need them.
  • Please remember that you need to leave ten minutes of time at the end of any panel slot so the panel scheduled after it can set up. With that in mind, a panel that is scheduled for an hour should be completed in 50 minutes. If you suspect that your panel might go past the time limit, please let us know in advance.
  • While we do not give free admission to panelists, we count time hosting panels as “double” Volunteer hours. So being a panelist for an hour would count as two hours of Volunteer time. You can learn more about volunteering for No Brand Con our our Volunteer page.
  • Panel submissions will be accepted until March 4, 2020.

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