No Brand Con 2020 Has Been Cancelled

When we first postponed the event until August we had hoped that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic would have abated more at this point, but looking at the rising number of cases we do not feel that we could run a safe event even in August. Because of this, it’s with a lot of regret that we have to announce we are cancelling our 2020 dates and postponing No Brand Con XIX to April 16-18th 2021.

I’ve already pre-registered, what do I have to do?
All preregistrations have been automatically rolled over to our April 16th-18th 2021 dates. If that sounds good for you, you’re all set.

If you cannot attend (or just don’t want to) you can request a refund by contacting before March 16th 2021. This goes for both our regular attendee badges as well as our sponsor tier badges.

I have a hotel room at the Chula Vista – what do I need to do?
You will need to contact the Chula Vista (844-215-4027) to either cancel your reservation or change it to our 2021 dates, unfortunately we can’t do that for you. The Chula Vista has assured us that they will be waiving their normal cancellation fees.

What about Vendors or Artists?
Our Vendor Room and Artist Alley teams have already reached out to our vendors and artists regarding the cancellation. All accepted vendors and artists for our 2020 dates will be rolled over to 2021. If you are a vendor or artist and you haven’t heard from our team, please reach out and let us know.

What about the guest list?
We know a lot of you registered specifically for our announced guest list, so like when we first changed the dates for No Brand Con XIX we are attempting to retain our guest list for the 2021 dates. We are in communication with our guests and their representation, and will let you know if anything changes.

Honestly we know this is a stressful time, and a lot of you were looking forward to attending the convention this year. We hope you’ll stick with us, and appreciate your ongoing support.

No Brand Con 2020 is Moving to August 21st-23rd! (Update: 2020 Has Been Cancelled)

Since this post was made, we have decided as an organization to cancel our August 2020 dates as well. More information can be found here. The original post continues below.

Hey everyone – due to the advancing coronavirus situation in Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers announced yesterday a restriction on all gatherings of over fifty people. As we do not believe this situation will be resolved by April 17th, as an organization it was obvious we could not run an event for our initially scheduled dates. Thankfully we were able work with our venue to find a solution that won’t force 2020 to be without Wisconsin’s longest running anime con: We’re moving to August 21st-23rd instead!

That’s right! Thankfully the Chula Vista Resort had an open weekend in their calendar, and we’ve been able to reschedule the convention. So yes, No Brand Con 2020 is still happening and we’re really excited that we still get to see all of you this year.

What do I need to do as an attendee?
If you’ve already preregistered for No Brand Con 2020… you’re still preregistered for No Brand Con 2020! It’s just in August now!

If you’re not able to make our new dates for whatever reasons, we can either transfer your registration to No Brand Con 2021 or you can request a refund up until July 21st. Obviously if you haven’t preregistered yet, it’s back open! What are you waiting for?

I have a hotel room, what do I need to do?
If you have a hotel room, you will need to inform the Chula Vista you are changing the date of your reservation to our new weekend. We don’t have the ability to do that for you unfortunately.

I’m a vendor or artist, what do I need to do?
Our artist alley and vendor heads should be reaching out to you, but there shouldn’t be any changes for you. Obviously if this date change causes any conflicts for you, please let our respective heads know.

What about the guest list?
We’re still communicating with our guests, and we’re trying to make sure that we can still bring you the same line up (just delayed). That said, if a conflict arises we will make sure you have more than enough time to know of any changes.

Will the con still be super fun?
You bet your sweet bippy it will be! Just keep yourself safe in the meanwhile!

Don’t Forget to Preregister For No Brand Con 2020!

No Brand Con 2020 is coming up fast, and the preregistration window is almost closed! In fact, there’s less than a week left before your chance to get the best deal on the No Brand Con experience closes on March 17th!

Remember, when you preregister for only $30, you’re getting a full weekend badge for the cost of a Saturday day pass. There’s no better deal out there as far as we’re concerned.

Preregistering is also the only way to purchase our VIP Sponsor Badges as well, which — while costing $85 — give you some great No Brand Con swag, early access to the vendor room, priority seating for main events, and access to an exclusive meet and greet with the guests!

So what are you waiting for! Go and preregister for No Brand Con 2020!

Are You Ready For No Brand Con’s Lip Sync Battle?

Do you have a strong desire to get on stage and rock out, but you just can’t carry a tune? Love to perform but don’t really want to cosplay in order to be on stage? Do you have dance moves that no one knows about?

Well, our annual Lip Sync Battle is your chance to show America (well at least the audience at No Brand Con) what you can do! Battles have no limit to how many members on your team, and you can do any song you want as long as it’s family friendly.

Our Lip Sync Battle will be held on the Sunday of No Brand Con (as always), and we hope to see you there!

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society Come to No Brand Con 2020!

Greetings all you dice rollers out there in No Brand Land! We’re happy to announce that Mark Mastej is bringing Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society to No Brand Con 2020. No dues, experience, nor materials required. All a would be Society member needs is a yearning and passion for adventure. Whether your eyes spy gold in distant keeps or stare ever onward into the endless stars, there’s an adventure for you!

Games will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you find yourself with a burning passion for excitement. Linked here you can find the complete schedule, and we look forward to seeing you all in the Tabletop Game Room at No Brand Con this April!

Announcing the Return of the No Brand Con AMV Contest!

We briefly stopped running our AMV contest in 2019, but according to you guys, that’s the day we went too far. So since you all demanded we bring back the AMV contest for 2020 — guess what? It’s back!

Whether your AMVs are shinny or just shiny, we want to see them! Are you an aspiring video effects editor? Do you have an incredible love of music, anime, and a method of combining them both? Or, do you simply have some extra free time and needed a fun activity? Well, either way the people at No Brand Con would love to see what you’ve come up with.

Submission information and rules can be found on our official AMV Contest page right now!

Find Great Magic: The Gathering Events at No Brand Con 2020!

Do you love Magic? Because we do! No Brand Con is proud to partner with Clairemont Comics in Eau Claire, WI for our Magic: The Gathering events all weekend.

Clairemont Comics will have four Magic: The Gathering events open to our attendees:

  • Friday Night Magic – Standard Draft at 6PM on Friday, $15 buy-in
  • Pioneer at 12 noon on Saturday, $10 buy-in
  • Modern at 6PM on Saturday, $10 buy-in
  • Commander and standard drafts will also be available upon request all weekend if you and some friends want to schedule your own personal competitions!

With all this, we look forward to seeing you all and your Magic decks in the Tabletop Game Room at No Brand Con this April!

The No Brand Con Road Show Comes to Anime Milwaukee 2020!

The No Brand Con Road Show is making another stop, and this time it’s at Anime Milwaukee! That’s right, we’re going to be in downtown Milwaukee this weekend (Feb. 14-16), as AMKE puts on its thirteenth (and a half) convention at the Wisconsin Center and Hilton.

If you find us while you’re there, we’d love to hang out and say hello. You can, of course, also preregister for No Brand Con 2020 at our Ambassador Table too for our Road Show price of only $20. This is likely our last stop before the con this year, so it may be your final chance to get this incredibly low rate!

If you’re coming to AMKE, we hope to see you there!

Have You Joined the No Brand Con Discord Yet?

We know one of the best things about attending cons are all of the personal connections and friends we make while we’re there, and we wanted to remind you that there’s a great way to connect with your fellow congoers (and our staff) through the No Brand Con Discord server!

Using the Discord App on your smartphone or computer, you can communicate in real time with us and your friends at the convention. Just follow our invite link and get started!

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