Have You Considered Submitting a Panel to No Brand Con 2018?

A large part of any No Brand Con experience is, of course, the panels. Whether you’re trying to get the best cosplay tips, plunge into in-depth analysis of your favorite series, hear bizarre industry stories you’d never expect, or a plethora of other geeky topics, it’s the a great way to spend your time.

And while some of these panels are hosted by our amazing guests, a huge chunk of our programming is provided by our attendees themselves. Fan run panels by people like you often provide the highlights of the convention, and we couldn’t do this without them. We also consider time hosting a panel as “double Volunteer hours,” which means hosting an hour long panel counts as two hours of volunteer time.

If you’re interested in submitting a panel for No Brand Con 2018, you can head on over to our Panels page. There you’ll find the rules along with our online submission form.

We’re excited to find out what you want to do!

Have You Considered Becoming a Sponsor For No Brand Con 2018?

Did you know there’s a great way to help support No Brand Con while getting some pretty amazing perks for yourself? It’s true — with our limited “Sponsor” registration tier you can get the most out of the convention while helping us make sure the con can be as amazing as possible.

Sponsorships start at just $85, and with that package you get some pretty great stuff – including:

  • Your name printed in the program guide
  • This year’s T-Shirt and a grab bag of goodies
  • The ability to skip the registration lines, picking up your badge at the staff room
  • Priority seating at guest panels and the cosplay contest
  • Early access to the vendor room
  • Access to a sponsors only meet-and-greet panel

We limit each year to only twenty-five sponsor badges, but all you have to do to purchase one for yourself is to go to our registration page and select the sponsor tier. If you’ve already preregistered and would like to upgrade your badge, contact our registration team at sales@nobrandcon.org to make the upgrade.

Get your badge today, and have your best con possible!

Announcing Our Black Friday to Cyber Monday Preregistration Sale!

We just got back from Daisho Con where quite a few people took advantage of our $20 special Road Show preregistration rate. We know not everyone can make it to any of the cons our team goes to throughout the year though, and it seemed unfair to never offer that deal to the rest of our attendees. With that in mind, and the apropos timing of the Holiday season, we have decided to run a Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale!

From Friday November 24th until Monday November 27th, you can preregister online for No Brand Con 2018 for just $20. That’s ten dollars less than our normal online price — heck, that’s getting a weekend badge for less than the at-door price of most of our day badges!

All you have to do to get the discount is go to our preregistration page between Friday and Monday, and you’ll find the lower price listed. This is our best rate for preregistration, so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of it!

The No Brand Con Road Show is Heading to Daisho Con 2017!

Hey all you No Brand Heroes! This weekend (November 17-19) we’re packing up and heading to the other anime convention in the Wisconsin Dells, Daisho Con! You can find us in the Ambassador Alley, where you can purchase preregistration for our discounted “road show” price of only $20!

That’s literally getting a weekend badge for less than the price of a day badge!

So if you’re in the Dells for a convention, consider stopping by and preregistering for another convention in the Dells. Heck, you should at least stop on by and say hello – we’d love to see you!

From the Archives – And the Rest of the No Brand Heroes

We’ve gone through quite a few members of the No Brand Heroes in this series, but honestly the team has a very deep bench. Doing write ups on every single one of them would take forever. So, to keep this from getting unwieldy, in this article, we’re going to cover the heroes who aren’t Duct Tape Boy, Greenboy, the Gardening Ninja, or Magical Girl Girl.

Some of these heroes have played vital, main roles over the years, while others have only played minor parts. But each and every single one of them is a full fledged member of the No Brand Heroes.

Well, except the couple who aren’t. Continue reading From the Archives – And the Rest of the No Brand Heroes

From the Archives – The Evil Machinations of Executron

The biggest enemy every faced by the No Brand Heroes is also technically the smallest. The evil Executron has come after our heroes time and time again, usually in an attempt to take over the world, conquer the convention, or just cause havoc in general. He’s also tried to give out advice to people, and for a while actually sat on a convention committee.

It’s really confusing.

In this installment of our continuing series on the NoBrandverse, we hopefully can clear some of that confusion up, talk about the tiny robot’s origins, and talk about his myriad of bizarre henchmen. He really does have some strange ones. Continue reading From the Archives – The Evil Machinations of Executron

From the Archives – The Most Recent Recruit, ‘Magical Girl Girl’

One of the more recent recruits to join the illustrious No Brand Heroes is none other than Magical Girl Girl. Magical Girl Girl is… a magical girl? I mean, it’s kind of right there in the name. We’re not exactly making this hard.

With the Gardening Ninja absent, and the current Greenboy out on assignment more often than not, she’s become Duct Tape Boy’s frequent companion since showing up. So let’s talk about how she joined the team, and what exactly her role is.

Because, y’know, that’s the whole theme of this series of posts. Continue reading From the Archives – The Most Recent Recruit, ‘Magical Girl Girl’

From the Archives – So the Gardening Ninja is Kind of Useless

So this week we’ve talked about Duct Tape Boy and Greenboy, so it’s about time we got to another well known member of the No Brand Heroes – the Gardening Ninja. While a “vital” member of the team (at least according to him), it’s rare to see him voluntarily go out on a mission.

And when you think about it, he’s actually kind of useless.

But considering he’s also considered the current “leader” of the No Brand Heroes, it would be weird not to talk about him. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the history of the Gardening Ninja, how he joined the group, how he rose through the ranks, and how none of it made any bit of difference. Continue reading From the Archives – So the Gardening Ninja is Kind of Useless

From the Archives – Who or What is a ‘Greenboy?’

Greenboy (or ‘Green Boy’ depending on who writes it down) is one of the No Brand Heroes and Duct Tape Boy’s sidekick. But Greenboy isn’t just a single person, but a mantle passed down over the ages from one sidekick to another — and it goes back much further than you’d expect.

So in this ongoing trip through the lore of the No Brand Heroes, why don’t we sit down for a minute and explain the vague-ish history and legacy of the Greenboys.

Or something. Continue reading From the Archives – Who or What is a ‘Greenboy?’

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