Events and Schedules

Convention Schedule

Registration hours:

Friday – 10AM to 9PM (Convention starts at noon)
Saturday – 9AM to 9PM
Sunday – 9AM to 1PM

Have a great idea for something amazing to do at No Brand Con? Wanna show off your cool AMV, shiny costume or maybe your mad dancin’ skills? So do we!

No Brand Con offers several different ways for attendees to participate in the con and we’re always looking for new ones! So whenever you get some crazy idea, tell us about it and we will run it past our convention masterminds as an idea for next year!

Here are just a few ways you can make No Brand Con the best con ever and enjoy yourself in the process:

General Information

Ambassador Alley

While No Brand Con is proud to be the first and longest running anime convention in the state of Wisconsin, over the years the convention scene in the midwest has grown considerably with other conventions now being run in many other cities all over the state. We’re very happy and fortunate to have strong working relationships with these conventions which helps to spread and celebrate fandom in anime, video games, science fiction, and other similar areas of interest.

We have an area set aside where the organizers of other conventions will have tables where you can get more information about their respective events. If you run an event and would like to arrange a table trade, please contact us and we may be able to arrange it if space is available.

Anime Rooms

It wouldn’t be an anime convention if we didn’t have rooms dedicated to showing anime, now would it? We’ll be running a theater or two all weekend dedicated to showing the latest and greatest in the world of anime!

Artist Alley

The No Brand Con Artist Alley features some of the best artists, designers, and creative people from all over the region! If you are interested in applying, please check our Vendors and Artists page for more infomation.

Fan Panels

Fan panels are panels run by people just like you. Interested in doing a Fan Panel at No Brand Con? Feel you have something interesting to talk about? Wanna give a presentation in a fan panel for the next No Brand Con? Find out what you need to do on this page.

No Mercy Room

A No Brand Con staple since our first convention, the No Mercy Room comes back to dish out more pain for those brave enough to enter through it’s doors. Come by and mock (MST3K style) some of the worst movies and shows ever to grace a screen.

(Please note: Due to language and content of a lot of the programming shown in the No Mercy Room, we consider it a 17+ room. IDs will be checked)

Table Top Gaming Room

Get your bags of dice, trading card deck and minis ready because we’ll be having a full area dedicated to a wide variety of table top games that anyone will be welcome to play! Magic the Gathering fans especially be sure to get your decks ready because we’ll be running a Magic tournament during the con. (please note there will be a charge to participate in the Magic tournament to cover cost of materials and prizes)

Video Game Room

No Brand Con has always strived to feature one of the premiere video game room’s in the region, and this year is no exception! From classic to modern consoles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. As the gaming world continues to expand so does our repertoire of electronic entertainment. We’ll be having a full gamut of classic and modern tournaments all weekend for even the most hardcore of gamers to enjoy!

Vendor Room

The No Brand Con vendor room features a wide variety of vendors who sell a vast array of items that our attendees can purchase! If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at No Brand Con, feel free to check out our Vendors page.

Main Events

Anime Music Video Contest

Love anime? Love Music? Celebrate the glorious conglomeration of both by submitting your original Anime Music Videos to the No Brand Con AMV Contest! Read more about submitting your AMV!

Cosplay Contest

Dress up as your favorite character and strut your stuff in style! It’s fun for you and your audience! Demonstrate how your costume is the best and win great prizes! You can also enter with your friends as a group. Here are the general rules and criteria for cosplay at the con.

Nerd Auction: If You Give a Nerd a Basket

Do you like auctions? Do you like nerdy things? Do you like spending money? If you answered any of these things questions, come to the Nerd Auction! We will auctioning off baskets that have been put together by some of our guests, vendors, and even staff! Each basket will be unique with different items inside. All of the proceeds of the auction will go to Extra Life, a foundation that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Grab your wallet and let’s help some kids!

The No Brand Con Dance

Spend your Saturday night having fun dancing your rear off at the ever popular No Brand Con dance. Every year it keeps getting longer, and every year you guys seem to get more glow sticks, hula hoops, and lights in there which is half the fun!

The Puzzle Hunt

What has become a yearly tradition, The Puzzle Hunt is a challenging test for even the most seasoned attendees. Our dedicated Puzzle Master is currently scheming up some of the most head scratching brain teasers and riddles that will require the sharpest of whits to solve! The challenge may be difficult, but the reward will be great for those attendees who can solve everything!

Lip Sync Battle

Love to dance but you just can’t carry a tune? Love to perform but don’t really want to cosplay in order to be on stage? This is your chance to show America (well at least the audience at No Brand Con) what you can do. Battles have no limit to how many members on your team but songs must be family friendly.

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