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Guest Announcement: Kaye Cosplay (Sammi Nystrom)

We’re happy to announce another guest for No Brand Con 2018, Sammi Nystrom, aka “Kaye Cosplay!”

Nystrom is an award-winning cosplayer and professional costumer for the Walt Disney Company. Since 2005, she has won over fifteen cosplay awards, most recently representing the United States for the International Cosplay League competition that was held in Madrid, Spain, where she was awarded 2nd place Solo Craftsmanship.

Many who follow her work have come to know Sammi for her craftsmanship, technicality, and cleanliness in sewing. An early fanatic of anime, comics, video games, and anything “nerdy”, Sammi quickly became immersed in the convention and cosplay world, making her first cosplay at the age of 12. A master at designing cosplays to suit real people, she has created a body of work showcasing that anybody can cosplay the characters they love.

Belldandy 2Fairy GodmotherRabi En Rose 2
Rabi En RoseSnow WhiteUrsula