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The No Brand Heroes – The Road So Far

Our beloved mascots, discount superhero team the No Brand Heroes, will return at this year’s convention. To make sure you’re up to date on their exploits (and who they are), we’ve put together this brief, two minute video to catch you up on the important points!

No Brand Con Presents “The Quest” Part Three

The No Brand Heroes continue on their quest to find the missing Duct Tape Boy. Hoping that Cardboard Commando might know of his whereabouts, the Gardening Ninja, Magical Girl Girl, Greenboy, and (apparently) Yarn have arrived at his last known location.

Things… things don’t go well.

(If you haven’t watched Part One or Part Two, you should do that first)

No Brand Con Presents “The Quest” Part Two

The adventure continues for the No Brand Heroes. They’re off to find their missing teammate, but challenges may get in their way as they continue on their journey. Will they be able to move forward, or will they end up tangled in a Yarn-y situation? Watch and find out!

(And if you haven’t seen part one yet, watch that first!)

No Brand Con Presents “The Quest” Part One

The No Brand Heroes are back for 2018! A team member returns from far away, and discovers another one is missing. Will the heroes answer the call to find their displaced comrade, or will Greenboy and Magical Girl Girl just play more tabletop roleplaying games? I mean, it’s pretty even odds with this group.

In any case, the adventure begins here!

From the Archives – Who or What is a ‘Greenboy?’

Greenboy (or ‘Green Boy’ depending on who writes it down) is one of the No Brand Heroes and Duct Tape Boy’s sidekick. But Greenboy isn’t just a single person, but a mantle passed down over the ages from one sidekick to another — and it goes back much further than you’d expect.

So in this ongoing trip through the lore of the No Brand Heroes, why don’t we sit down for a minute and explain the vague-ish history and legacy of the Greenboys.

Or something. Continue reading From the Archives – Who or What is a ‘Greenboy?’