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The No Brand Heroes – The Road So Far

Our beloved mascots, discount superhero team the No Brand Heroes, will return at this year’s convention. To make sure you’re up to date on their exploits (and who they are), we’ve put together this brief, two minute video to catch you up on the important points!

From the Archives – The Evil Machinations of Executron

The biggest enemy every faced by the No Brand Heroes is also technically the smallest. The evil Executron has come after our heroes time and time again, usually in an attempt to take over the world, conquer the convention, or just cause havoc in general. He’s also tried to give out advice to people, and for a while actually sat on a convention committee.

It’s really confusing.

In this installment of our continuing series on the NoBrandverse, we hopefully can clear some of that confusion up, talk about the tiny robot’s origins, and talk about his myriad of bizarre henchmen. He really does have some strange ones. Continue reading From the Archives – The Evil Machinations of Executron