No Brand Con Podcast #1

No Brand Con isn’t just a once a year event for a lot of people. In fact, there is a community both locally and online that works towards this event year round.

Because of that, we thought we’d start a semi-regular podcast to update you not only on convention planning, but geekery in general. This opening episode is just a brief introduction by No Brand Con co-founder and long time staffer Topher “I play Greenboy” Marohl, but stay tuned for more in the long run.

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No Brand Con comes to MarsCon 2008!

Hey folks, the crazy No Brand Heroes are at it again, and are invading another convention for a good old fashioned OAAH! Room party.

At the end of the month/beginning of March we’ll be showing up at MarsCon, in Bloomington, MN. Our party is on the Saturday night of the convention (March 1st), so look out for us. Our parties tend to be quite a bit of fun, so stop on by our room on the 13th floor, say hello, and have a great time.

Or don’t. It’s really up to you.

That same weekend, February 29th-March 2nd, some of our staffers will also be walking around Anime Milwaukee at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. While we won’t be running a room party there, we will be coming to have a great time.

If any of you No Brand Heroes are attending these conventions, and you have No Brand Con T-shirts, you should make sure you wear them – so we can find you and say hello!

Massive Website Changes

So, while our website is still in flux (and not everything is up yet), we’ve added quite a bit of handy information this weekend for your enjoyment.

Make sure you poke around, but if you visit the attendee and vendor pages you’ll find some new information that wasn’t there before, along with printable, mail-in versions of our registration forms (which we know some of you were patiently waiting for). On the Attendee page you’ll also find a link to the documentation on Sponsoring No Brand Con (PDF).

Look out for more information and updates soon!

No Brand Con 2008 Registration Now Open!

We’re pleased to announce that both attendee and vendor registration is open for No Brand Con 2008, our seventh convention. Preregistering has many benefits, including saving a little cash ($30 for a weekend pass instead of $35, along with a discounted T-Shirt Cost) and the option to sign up for our annual Sunday Brunch with the Guests.

And vendors, remember that our Vendor room space can run out, so be sure to register as soon as possible!

Attendee Registration Page
Vendor Registration Page

A Thank You From NoBrandCon!

NoBrandCon 2007 wrapped up yesterday evening, closing what may be the best NoBrandCon yet! We’re sure a bunch of you are coming to the site for the first time – so why not check out our forums while you’re here? It will give you a chance to talk to your fellow congoers and talk about your favorite parts of this year’s con!

We reached a record attendance again (905 attendees at last count), making 2007 our biggest year to date, and we hope you all join us next year for NoBrandCon 7 in 2008!

Website Hiccup Resolved!


Hey folks – those of you who visited NoBrandCon’s website this week may have noticed a few glitches. You know, things like the site being down.

(That’s still a glitch, right?)

These were caused by problems with our hosting company, and we apologize severely for this ill-timed problem. But our webmonkeys went straight to work, fought through lines of code and data, and have been restoring the website! The forums are back up, as is this news section (obviously), and so much more. Thank you for bearing with us in this technically irritating moment, and we hope to see you all in person in a week!

That’s right, NoBrandCon is only a week away! Please feel free to dance around in joy.

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