New Event for 2007: Sunday Buffet

Good news No Brand Heroes, we have a new event for you this year: A Sunday buffet with the guests!

The Ramada Hotel has a Sunday buffet open to the public every Sunday so we figured why not make this into an event everyone can enjoy? We will invite the guests to attend the buffet so you all can have an opportunity to chat with them that you might not otherwise get at a panel. We can’t guarantee that all the guests will attend or that they will stay the entire duration, but food will be available from 10am-2pm.

The Hotel has offered to serve the buffet in a separate room as to not disturb the public and as such there is a limited capacity and attendance cap for this event and will therefore require preregistration! Tickets cost $18 and can be purchased during pre-registration, or mailed in separately to our mailing address. There will be last minute sign-up available at the registration desk during the con but tickets must be purchased by 5 PM on Friday April 20th!

Summarized Details
No Brand Con, Ramada Hotel/Convention Center 1st floor (room TBA, depends on attendance)
When: Sunday, 10am-2pm
Why: Meet the guests, eat a tasty meal, and have funn!
Price: $18

Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention!