No Brand Con comes to MarsCon! (Oh, and the Vendor Room is Full!)

For yet another year, No Brand Con will be hosting a room party at MarsCon in Bloomington, MN! We’ll be there on Saturday night in room 1302, so make sure to stop by!

On a side note, both the Vendor Room and Artist Alley have now been sold out. Sorry to anyone we have to turn away, but as always we have limited space. We at No Brand Con are excited though about the great variety of artists and vendors that will be at the convention this year, and we think it’s going to be a great year for No Brand Con!

Volunteer at No Brand Con 2009!

Hey No Brand Con fans, did you know that people who volunteer to work at No Brand Con for ten hours get into the convention for free? You didn’t? Well, now you know!

To volunteer at No Brand Con you must be at least 18 years old, and able to attend our training meeting the night before. For more details on rules, please read our (short) Volunteer handbook for the nitty gritty. Once you’ve read that, feel free to fill out a volunteer form to let us know you want to help!

On an entirely unrelated subject, Vendor Registration is now open to new vendors as well.

Update: For those who asked, a Word version of the volunteer form is available that you can e-mail to as well.

Your No Brand Con Update! Mail in forms galore!

Hey No Brand Heroes! Just a few quick updates around the site today. First and foremost, our Artist Alley page for 2009 is now up. There you will find the forms to register for an Artist alley table.

Secondly, we’ve uploaded our Sponsor information for 2009 as well. You can find the packet for it here (PDF).

Finally, we’ve put up a printable mail in version of the 2009 registration form for those of you who prefer to pay by check.

More updates are on the way as well, so keep a look out.

Registration Now Open for 2009!

No Brand Con is now accepting Preregistration for the 2009 Convention! You can find out more information on our Attendee Information Page, or just go ahead and go straight to it and…

Preregister for No Brand Con 2009!

We are also now opening up limited vendor registration. If you have vended at No Brand Con before and would like to again, contact our head of vendors Ben and we will give you instructions. After stage one of vendor registration is complete, we will be opening it up to new vendors.

No Brand Con comes to Geek.kon!

Hey folks, many of our staffers are going to be down at Geek.kon in Madison this weekend! It’s a great convention in Madison, WI — so you should stop by if you have the time. While you’re there, say Hi to some of your favorite No Brand Con staffers at our table in the “Other Cons” room and some good friends of No Brand Con in the Vendor room like Rising Stuff and Taeliac Studio! I should also mention that this year, like last year, Geek.kon is free, so it’s pretty easy on the wallet.

Sadly, because they are not in a hotel, we won’t be running an official room party at Geek.kon, but we sure would like to see you there!

Announcing No Brand Con 2009!

We made an unofficial announcement on our forums a few weeks ago, but everything is confirmed now to announce No Brand Con 8!

April 24-26, 2009

The No Brand Heroes will return to the Ramada Convention Center, so stick around. The website will be updated in the next few weeks to reflect this…

…and to reveal next year’s theme.

Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention!