No Brand Con Survey

Every year we want to know how we can make No Brand Con a better experience for our attendees. With that in mind, we put out this survey so we can better understand what you liked and didn’t like about this year’s con.

If you came to No Brand Con this year, please take a few minutes to fill this out so we can make next year even better!

What Pass(es) Did You Purchase:
How Many Years Have You Attended No Brand Con:
How Did You First Hear About No Brand Con?:
Attendee Prices For No Brand Con are:
On a scale of one to five (with one the worst and five the best), please rate the following parts of No Brand Con 2018 (don't choose a number for an event you didn't attend):
Table Top Room:
Anime Room:
Video Game Room:
Vendor Room:
Artist Alley:
Opening Ceremonies:
Friday Night Dance:
Saturday Night Dance:
Cosplay Contest:
Lip Sync Battle:
Puzzle Hunt:
"Nerd Basket" Charity Auction:
This Year's Guests:
Our Staff and Volunteers:
Which Of These Were Your Favorites?:
If Rated Poorly, How Can We Improve Any of These Areas For Next Year:
Did You Attend Any Panels?:
If Yes, Which Were Your Favorites?:
Did You Participate in the Cosplay Contest?:
If No, Is There A Reason You Didn't Participate?:
Do You Have Any Guest Suggestions For Next Year?:
How Likely Are You To Attend No Brand Con Again?:
Is There Anything in Particular Bringing You Back, Or If You Don't Want to Return, How Could We Change Your Mind?:
Is There Anything Else You Want Us to Know?:
Let's Make Sure You're a Person:

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