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Thanks For Coming!

It was another great year, and we at No Brand Con want to thank you all for attending!

As you may know, going to a new location can always be a challenge for a convention, but thanks to you all, it went very well!
Our staff want to thank all the great volunteers who gave their time to make it go so very well, you guys are No Brand Heroes, and we can’t wait to see you next year!
Of course, what is a convention without attendees; we wanted to extend a thank you to all of you. We didn’t break the hotel, and there was lots of fun had!

Lets do it again!
Next year’s dates:
April 21st through the 23rd!

See you again at the Chula Vista!

Artist Alley List for No Brand Con 2016!

Hey No Brand Heroes!
Our artist alley has always been a wonderland of art and cool merch; and now we can celebrate another year of awesome STUFF with the artists we have listed below!

Artist Alley 2016:

– PinStripes Studios
– Maggs Creations
– Silent Muse Studio
– Ineffective Carnivore
– Babirousa
– Snazzy Seahorse
– Ocelotdude Designs
– Sakura Sunset
– Balnibarbi Illustration
– Trae Dorn Productions
– Fairy Ants
– Epic [WIN] Studio
– Lemon Penguin
– The Café Mouse
– Nerd by Design
– Chibi Kitty Studios
– Thundersteel Armoury
– Berry Blitz Studio
– Radiant Grey
– Kairui’s Kreations
– The Artist’s Conclave
– Milk Products
– Momofuku
– Dubslider Ink
– Mixout Designs
– Honey Mochi
– Musetap Studios

Vendor List for No Brand Con 2016!

Hey No Brand Heroes! We have our vendor list for No Brand Con 2016!
Our Vendors are as follows:

Fast Food Anime
Bowen Dragon
Black Belt Beads
Dark Sky Illustrations
Your Way Anime
Elswares Props
Cartoon Passion
Sorbet Jungle
Treasure Nest
Visual Novels USA
Angry Fox LLC
Sakura’s Blossoms / Pop Heart
Isle of Misfits
Eagle Anime
Tangerine Mountain Imports
Far East Emporium
Akiba Doujin Unlimited
Lady Godiva Designs
Odyssey Anime

See you at No Brand Con 2016!

Volunteer at No Brand Con!

Online Registration may be closed (you can still register at the door), but you want to get into No Brand Con for cheap? Maybe even free?

No Brand Con is always looking for volunteers to help staff parts of our convention, and one of the perks to doing so is that you gain free admission to the convention if you work 10 hours or more (plus a free t-shirt)! And now, if you work more hours you’re also able to win more merchandise! If you have any other questions, you should email

Signing up to volunteer is easy! Fill out the volunteer form and send it to!

Guest Announcement: Dan and Jillian!

An attendee favorite, Dan and Jillian and their Akitas return to No Brand Con 2016!

Dan Coglan, a.k.a. “Samurai Dan” and his wife, Jillian are the acknowledged masters of marital… er, MARTIAL mayhem. This dynamic duo travels the civilized portions of the U.S., bringing their unique show to curious and horrified audiences alike.

In addition to their high-energy, mostly safe stage shows (where razor sharp blades and barbs fly) the couple teaches historical and hysterical panels on the way of the warrior. Offering a wide range of lectures and interactive workshops, Dan and his lethal love Jillian are guaranteed to provide con attendees fun and fulfillment.

Due to a supreme lack of filter, Dan also performs standup comedy, and lives to embarrass his wife onstage, in censored and uncensored settings.

A storyteller at heart, Dan is finishing his third horror novel, and offers insights into the creative process with panels for the aspiring writer as well.

Check them out on facebook!

DJ Announcement: DJ Amaya!

Notorious American J-Pop/K-Pop Remixer, Composer, Skilled Instrumentalist, and Producer, DJ Amaya began making waves when he started introducing audiences to Japanese dance music at anime conventions across the USA, which led to him playing shows in Japan, Singapore, and Sweden as well. Along the way he released 4 full length albums of original music, collaborated with Japanese artists, and has been commissioned to produce tracks and remixes for artists around the globe. With a career spanning over 15 years, it appears we still haven’t even seen his final form.

DJ Announcement: DJ Jinrei!

Andre Smith, better known under the alias ‘Jinrei’ (pronounced JIN-RAY), broke into the scene in 2005, working under the long-running promotion ‘Nostalgia.LA’ with his live mixing on vinyl. Jinrei is originally from Bristol, England, and grew up partially here in the US, in a Korean district of San Francisco where he became involved in Korean music, and then later Japanese dance pop, which was one of the biggest influences on his work. Later, working with other promotions and headlining DJs, Jinrei mastered his craft with everything EDM, from dance fusions to French house with Japanese/Korean original remixes. Having done shows with Cosmic Gate, DJ Amaya, ZEDD, DJ Diamond, Steve Aoki, and many more big names, as well as running his own nights in LA, OC, and Vegas, Jinrei has become a well-seasoned veteran in putting people on the dance floor, whether setting the mood lounge-style, or hitting the room with rare bangers for a high-energy crowd.