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From the Archives – Who or What is a ‘Greenboy?’

Greenboy (or ‘Green Boy’ depending on who writes it down) is one of the No Brand Heroes and Duct Tape Boy’s sidekick. But Greenboy isn’t just a single person, but a mantle passed down over the ages from one sidekick to another — and it goes back much further than you’d expect.

So in this ongoing trip through the lore of the No Brand Heroes, why don’t we sit down for a minute and explain the vague-ish history and legacy of the Greenboys.

Or something. Continue reading From the Archives – Who or What is a ‘Greenboy?’

From the Archives – Fighting Egyptian Space Mummies

Duct Tape Boy and the No Brand Heroes have fought off many foes over the years, but hardly any were as strange as the Egyptian Space Mummies. Apparently they are both from Egypt and from Space, and no that doesn’t make sense to us either. When pressed, the Egyptian Space Mummies admitted that they’re mostly from Space, but are a quarter Egyptian on their mother’s side.

We’re concerned that they all seem to have the same mother.

Duct Tape Boy first encountered them while on assignment in Peru in 2007, where the Egyptian Space Mummies were attempting to set up a counterfeit T-shirt cartel. News reports were fairly positive. Continue reading From the Archives – Fighting Egyptian Space Mummies

From the Archives – ‘Duct Tape Boy: Living Legend’

Our mascot Duct Tape Boy, superhero for the masses, and the rest of the No Brand Heroes have been fighting crime and saving the world (when everyone else is too busy to do it) for quite some time. Back in 2006, a short documentary was made about Duct Tape Boy, where some of his compatriots reminisce about their times working with him — including the then-current Greenboy.

(There have been quite a few Greenboys over the millennia.)

So sit back, enjoy the nostalgia, and learn a few things about our adhesive hero. Hopefully you can forgive the sound and video quality, since this was produced in the internet-beforetimes. Continue reading From the Archives – ‘Duct Tape Boy: Living Legend’

Vendor and Artist Alley Registration Now Open!

The No Brand Con’s Vendor Room and Artist Alley are both now accepting applications for our 2018 convention! If you’re an artist or a vendor, this is the place to show off your talent and/or wares.

Pricing and policies for both of these areas can be found on our Vendors & Artists page, along with links to the applications. We want to provide a diverse, well rounded shopping experience for the attendees, so please don’t be shy in submitting an application.

As these are juried processes, Both Vendor Room and Artist Alley registration will be open until December 31st. After that our team will go through the applications, with confirmations following in the weeks after.

Pardon the Mess!

So you may have noticed things look a little bit different around these parts. Right now we’re giving the website a good old overhaul for the 2018 convention, and that means a fresh new look!

While we pick through the various bits, please let us know if we made a mistake or two though. We’re doing our best, so we ask you to please hang in there. Our mascot is made from duct tape for a reason.