We’ve Cancelled Our 2021 Dates, No Brand Con XIX Is Moving to 2022

These are not the kinds of announcements we like to make. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing risks associated with the current pandemic, we’ve had to make the decision to cancel our 2021 event.

This wasn’t an easy decision. This is the third set of dates we’ve had for No Brand Con XIX, and now we’re moving it again. The news section of our website is now a series of cancellations and postponements. But we just don’t have confidence that we’ll be out of this safely come April, and none of us felt comfortable continuing to advertise a weekend we weren’t confident we could safely run a convention on.

No Brand Con XIX will now be held on our 2022 dates — April 22-24, 2022. Is it a long way off? Yes. But we honestly didn’t want to risk moving the con later into 2021 only to postpone yet again.

So, like the last two times this happened, we’re going to run through the list of frequently asked questions you might have about moving the con to 2022:

I’ve already pre-registered, what do I have to do?
All preregistrations have been automatically rolled over to our April 22nd-24th 2022 dates. If that sounds good for you, you’re all set.

If you cannot attend (or just don’t want to) you can request a refund by contacting before March 22nd 2022. This goes for both our regular attendee badges as well as our sponsor tier badges. Please keep in mind that we are a 100% volunteer staff though, so it may take our small registration team some time to process all refunds.

I have a hotel room at the Chula Vista – what do I need to do?
You will need to contact the Chula Vista (844-215-4027) to either cancel your reservation or change it to our 2022 dates, unfortunately we can’t do that for you.

What about Vendors or Artists?
Our Vendor Room and Artist Alley teams have already reached out to our vendors and artists regarding the cancellation. All accepted vendors and artists for our 2021 dates will be rolled over to 2022. If you are a vendor or artist and you haven’t heard from our team, please reach out and let us know.

What about the guest list?
We know a lot of you registered specifically for our announced guest list, so like when we first changed the dates for No Brand Con XIX we are attempting to retain our guest list for the 2022 dates. We are in communication with our guests and their representation, and will let you know if anything changes.

We know this isn’t the outcome any of us wanted, but we’d rather take another year off rather than risk the health and lives of our attendees and staff. Thank you for your patience, and for sticking with us.