No Brand Con 2020 is Moving to August 21st-23rd! (Update: 2020 Has Been Cancelled)

Since this post was made, we have decided as an organization to cancel our August 2020 dates as well. More information can be found here. The original post continues below.

Hey everyone – due to the advancing coronavirus situation in Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers announced yesterday a restriction on all gatherings of over fifty people. As we do not believe this situation will be resolved by April 17th, as an organization it was obvious we could not run an event for our initially scheduled dates. Thankfully we were able work with our venue to find a solution that won’t force 2020 to be without Wisconsin’s longest running anime con: We’re moving to August 21st-23rd instead!

That’s right! Thankfully the Chula Vista Resort had an open weekend in their calendar, and we’ve been able to reschedule the convention. So yes, No Brand Con 2020 is still happening and we’re really excited that we still get to see all of you this year.

What do I need to do as an attendee?
If you’ve already preregistered for No Brand Con 2020… you’re still preregistered for No Brand Con 2020! It’s just in August now!

If you’re not able to make our new dates for whatever reasons, we can either transfer your registration to No Brand Con 2021 or you can request a refund up until July 21st. Obviously if you haven’t preregistered yet, it’s back open! What are you waiting for?

I have a hotel room, what do I need to do?
If you have a hotel room, you will need to inform the Chula Vista you are changing the date of your reservation to our new weekend. We don’t have the ability to do that for you unfortunately.

I’m a vendor or artist, what do I need to do?
Our artist alley and vendor heads should be reaching out to you, but there shouldn’t be any changes for you. Obviously if this date change causes any conflicts for you, please let our respective heads know.

What about the guest list?
We’re still communicating with our guests, and we’re trying to make sure that we can still bring you the same line up (just delayed). That said, if a conflict arises we will make sure you have more than enough time to know of any changes.

Will the con still be super fun?
You bet your sweet bippy it will be! Just keep yourself safe in the meanwhile!