The Road Show Comes to UWEC Geek Con This Saturday!

The No Brand Con road show is heading out again! This Saturday, November 23rd, you will be able to find us at UWEC Geek Con in Eau Claire, WI. UWEC Geek Con will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Davies Center from 10am-5pm, with admission free to UWEC students, $5 to the public, or free with a donation of a two non-perishables.

At our table you’ll be able to pre-register at our $20 road show rate, and we think it’ll be a lot of fun. And remember, if you can’t get there, you can still preregister for the $20 rate this weekend online since we’re running our Daisho-to-Cyber Monday sale from November 22nd and December 2nd!

Hope to see you there!