Announcing our (Annual) Daisho Con/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

This upcoming weekend Daisho Con will be taking place in the Wisconsin Dells, but unfortunately our No Brand Con road show won’t be there again this year. We know that can be disappointing since it’s one of the few places attendees have been able to take advantage of our $20 road show rate. We really don’t like disappointing our attendees though…

…so, like last year, we’ve decided to offer it to you online instead.

That’s right — During Daisho Con 2019 we’ll be offering our $20 preregistration rate online again. That rate is usually only available online during our annual Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale. Of course, with Black Friday only coming up a week later, we’ve decided that rather than have the price go up for a few days in the middle, we’ll just extend the sale for the week inbetween! Again! Exactly like we did last year!

All you have to do to take advantage of this rate is go to our online registration page between November 22nd and December 2nd and take advantage of the rate!