Have You Considered Submitting a Panel to No Brand Con 2018?

A large part of any No Brand Con experience is, of course, the panels. Whether you’re trying to get the best cosplay tips, plunge into in-depth analysis of your favorite series, hear bizarre industry stories you’d never expect, or a plethora of other geeky topics, it’s the a great way to spend your time.

And while some of these panels are hosted by our amazing guests, a huge chunk of our programming is provided by our attendees themselves. Fan run panels by people like you often provide the highlights of the convention, and we couldn’t do this without them. We also consider time hosting a panel as “double Volunteer hours,” which means hosting an hour long panel counts as two hours of volunteer time.

If you’re interested in submitting a panel for No Brand Con 2018, you can head on over to our Panels page. There you’ll find the rules along with our online submission form.

We’re excited to find out what you want to do!