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From the Archives – Fighting Egyptian Space Mummies

Duct Tape Boy and the No Brand Heroes have fought off many foes over the years, but hardly any were as strange as the Egyptian Space Mummies. Apparently they are both from Egypt and from Space, and no that doesn’t make sense to us either. When pressed, the Egyptian Space Mummies admitted that they’re mostly from Space, but are a quarter Egyptian on their mother’s side.

We’re concerned that they all seem to have the same mother.

Duct Tape Boy first encountered them while on assignment in Peru in 2007, where the Egyptian Space Mummies were attempting to set up a counterfeit T-shirt cartel. News reports were fairly positive.

The Mummies would return a couple of years later in 2009, seeking vengence… maybe? Honestly we think they just wanted to sell some more off-brand Bart Simpson T-shirts. The No Brand Heroes take International copyright and trademark law seriously, so Duct Tape Boy yet again was dispatched to deal with them.

We’re not saying Duct Tape Boy did the best job dealing with them, but in his defense they haven’t come back a third time.