DJ Kade

DJ Announcement: DJ Kade

We are inviting a talented group of DJ’s to spin for you at #NoBrandCon2017!

First up is DJ Kade, and he has a special message for you below!

“What is up, No Brand Con?? Usually for these DJ bio paragraphs, I try to write something about my style and previous shows in the third person, as most normal DJ bios usually go, but I wanted to try writing something more direct for a change. Conventions like these give me a bunch of unique opportunities as a DJ, not only to bring out my geekier side, but also to bring more unique music to the table than your average radio fare. Although I think the opportunity I’m luckiest enough to have is the ability to help bring together a whole room of people in one intense celebration, where people can express themselves (mostly) however they please and let any cares and worries fade away along with the last track that was just played, and I honestly think that’s pretty awesome. So, even when I’m not DJing, I’m doing what I can behind the scenes to help bring a show together. I’ve been coming back to No Brand for quite a few years, sometimes as an attendee, and sometimes helping out behind the scenes with the Dance, running lights, sound, ect., and I’m thrilled to able to bring my harder-than-your-average flavor to you guys and gals at this years convention! I’ve made a ton of memories already through No Brand, so I want to bring some new stuff to the stage this year that I haven’t yet brought to any of my previous convention appearances, and I’m honestly so hype about it that I’m getting distracted trying to finish writing this bio here. No time for writing out all that “face-destroying bass” stuff this time, you already know it’s gonna be lit. Now go! I must return to the lab and continue crafting these grooves…” -DJ Kade